About Us

Hong Long Fishery Centre has obtained CITES registered Asian Arowana breeding farm in the world. Our CITES Registration No. is A-SG-527 . We produce Gold & Red Arowana and assure you that all our fishes are embedded with a microchip as per our authority’s (Agr-Food & Veterinary Authority Of Singapore) requirement. Only tagged, captive-bred Asian Arowanas (from CITES-registered captive-breeding operations are allowed to be imported.

Let us take this opportunity to introduce you to our business activity. Mr Yeoh, the sole owner of today’s Arowana centre, started off with construction and has been in the construction industry for 30 years. Because he loves Arowana, he decided to set up an Arowana breeding centre. The land of 6F has acquired and developed as a breeding centre, with a wide range of incubator facilities. His vision is to continuously grow the centre to meet the global demand as well as to create awareness to the locals. This has in turn helped the Singapore Government to create awareness of Arowanas and also to promote the investment in the agri-industry.

Singapore’s geographical  location and cultural experience makes us the ideal partner in the vast Asian market. Therefore we are developing the necessary infrastructure for fish farming, and to showcase advanced technologies and techniques for intensive farming systems to ensure the export of Arowanas is with high quality products and services. In Asia, the Arowanas has retained its popularity as these fishes have special cultural significance in areas influenced by Chinese Culture. The name of dragonfish stems from their resemblance to the “Chinese Dragon” which sparks off positive energy.

Do contact Mr Yeoh, be it for personal interest or any export opportunity.


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